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Adriyana Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Hr Outsourcing

Adriyana realizes that even in this age of technology, the way for organizations to maintain their profitability is through the development of their  people. We can provide a wide range of Human Resource Outsourcing services and programs that are designed to ensure that your corporate  environment is thriving. We are the future leaders in Human Resource (Hr) Outsourcing Company or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in  New Delhi, India.

Adriyana is committed to providing optimum programs that will help your company maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our custom-designed programs focus on key areas to increase productivity and competitiveness, and create better work environments, thereby reducing turnover and retaining talent.

Services offered in HR Outsourcing

Employee Induction
Policy Framing
Retention Planning
Disaster Planning
Payroll Management

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